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About us

We have been supplying various types of floorcoverings for the past 125 years. (This may be a slight exaggeration)

We stock `builders and developers specials`, which is another way of saying that's its cheap, covers the floor and looks good for a couple of weeks....

We can also supply good quality carpet, vinyls, laminate and wood from our selection in the showroom.

Our selection of floorcoverings vary between the less expensive man made stuff to stupidy expensive designer ranges.

The main retailer for carpets in the UK, which a lot of people go to initially is Carpetright, who do pretend sale discounts every day of the year, but our prices are virtually always cheaper than Carpetright, even after they have deducted the 50% off, then a further 25% if you buy within the next 3 days.

All independent retailers, like ourselves, get a little miffed when a carpet we sell on a regular basis for say £12.00 sq mtr suddenly appears in Carpetright for their list price at £39.99 sq mtr in one of their stores (Usually somewhere in the Outer Hebrides) then after a couple of weeks it is advertised at 50% then a further 25% off list price. and it is still more expensive than us.

Carpetright also sell underlay, door bars and all accessories at highly inflated prices so buyer beware!!

So if anyone out there wants to deal with a normal business then come down here and have a chat.

Kids are always welcome (with their parents) as we have a sort of a crèche here, into which they can be thrown (the kids) and we provide a variety of toys and fluffy things which will amuse the little ones while the parents can spend some time looking through our vast selection of samples.

Customers can always borrow samples for a few days.

We have 5 fitters of varying ages who sub contract to us, and will be only too pleased to fit any flooring that you get from us.

Anyone who comes to our warehouse is guaranteed to enjoy the experience, which could be compared to a day out at the sunny sea side ice cream provided ( or maybe not )